Cost Optimization


Ava-Watch Snowflake Cost Optimizer is a comprehensive software to monitor, analyze and optimize your snowflake spending. Our mission is simple: Enable our customers to do MORE with LESS in Snowflake Data Cloud. In fact, on average, we achieved 20-35% cost savings for our snowflake customers.

How We Approach Cost Optimization

Contract Monitoring

At Ava-Watch, we believe the first step in cost optimization journey is Proactive Monitoring. We not only need to know how much we have spent in the past, but more importantly how much we are going to spend at end of the contract so that we can take proactive measures early on instead of running over the budget and being forced to renew Snowflake contract prematurely. Our Contract Monitor page is built with that goal in mind.

Establish Departmental Fiscal Responsibility

Many organizations have done the right thing by charging back Snowflake costs internally to various departments. However, due to the fact Snowflake billing is at warehouse level, most organizations are forced to dedicate various size of warehouses by department. That results in workload being spread too thin and lost the scale of economy. Consequently you may end up pay much more money overall for the same workload. Ava-Watch’s proprietary algorithm allows the lowest granular billing on query level, enables departmental billing without losing benefits of economies of scale.

Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis

Ava-Watch is not only able to detect pattern changes in Snowflake spending, but also find what caused the change in just a few clicks thanks to its highly interactive design. It can quickly identify what application or which user has sudden increased spend so you can take actions to stop the monetary leakage right away.

Idle Cost Analysis

IDLE occurs when snowflake warehouse up and running, but there is no active workload running in it. Obviously, good cost management should minimize the Idle cost without sacrificing performance. Ava-Watch’s unique design enables our customers to understand exactly where Idle cost occurs and how to minimize it effortlessly.

Excessive storage Usage

Storage Cost is relatively inexpensive compared to Compute. However, it is not uncommon to have excessive storage usage 100X or even 1,000X than the actual data. Ava-Watch identifies those cost saving opportunities and enforces Snowflake best practices in storage usage.

Serverless Cost

Besides compute and storage Cost, Ava-Watch also monitors serverless cost, including auto-clustering, material views, Snowpipe and Search Optimization, etc.

Data Processing Cost

In many organizations, data processing is the single biggest Snowflake application in terms of cost, that is why we at Ava-Watch monitors data processing closely for you. We employ a two-pronged approach:

  1. Identify top tables and focus on its most costly operations for performance tuning.
  2. Rationalize data processing pattern by paring data processing with data retrieval and look for opportunities to reduce the data processing frequency.

Unused Tables

In today’s world, Data democratization enables everybody in an organization to work with data, even create their own tables/processes. Sometimes, those tables are no longer used after some time but data processes still left running and consuming credits. Ava-Watch identifies those opportunities for you automatically.

Optimization Recommendation

Ava-Watch recommends actionable steps from various areas to optimize your cost.


Ava-Watch backend algorithm runs as Ssnowflake native app in customer’s own Ssnowflake account. Customer Data never leaves Customer’s own database.

A lightweight web application can be installed in platform of customer’s choice or Ava-Watch can manage the web server for you.